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Prison Saint-Michel, Toulouse

Built in the 19th century the jail Saint-michel in Toulouse (France) closed in early 2003 and all the prisonners have been transfered in a new prison in Seysses, a suburb of Toulouse.
However at the time of the photographs about 40 prisonners were still imprisonmed in Saint-Michel, in a wing transformed in a partial-release centre.
The prison which looks like a castle is composed of five wings of three levels. The wing number 3 was the one with the disciplinary cells (first level), the isolation ones and a few ones for teenagers.
Nowadays, Saint-michel is also a training camp for the ERIS teams (Équipes Régionales d'Intervention et de Sécurité), the French Prison Service's anti riots teams.
In the future, the jail Saint-Michel should be transformed into a cultural centre.
Urban-Resources thanks the French Prison Service.

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