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La Mexicaine De Perforation


On this night of saturday August 23, 2003, La Mexicaine De Perforation ("The Perforating Mexicans"), a branch of L'UX (for Urban eXperiment), organized  the Session Comoda:
A clandestine film festival held at the Cinémathèque française's Chaillot projection room.
After days of installation works, La Mexicaine De Perforation showed this night "La Jetée" by Chris Marker, "Le Bunker de la Dernière Rafale" by Carro & Jeunet and "La Dernier Combat" by Luc Besson.
La Mexicaine also introduced on stage the unique and outrageous actress of "Le Dernier Combat" for the opening speech.
After five weeks of projections, La Mexicaine De Perforation stopped the Session Comoda film festival having other plans.

On August 23rd 2004, the Parisian police discovered Les Arènes de Chaillot ("The Chaillot Arenas"), a fully equiped movie theatre built under the Chaillot Hill by La Mexicaine De Perforation.
This entirely hand built movie theatre was the venue of the Urbex Movies film festival managed during the summer 2004 by La Mexicaine de Perforation until its brutal and obvious stop.
At this date, La Mexicaine De Perforation organized some other film festivals in different public and neglegted monuments.

Because their activities are totally clandestine, the only articles or broadcasts are done once a venue is discovered.
This explains there are numerous related stories for the Urbex Movies and none for the Session Comoda.

The members of L'UX are largely secret, but its spokesman is Lazar Kunstmann published "La culture en clandestins. L'UX", relating 25 years of clandestine cultural actions.
His film, "Pantheon, user's guide", is also a great way to find back the events done by La Mexicaine de Perforation.


Choice of articles:
The Guardian (Sept. 8, 2004) : In a secret Paris cavern, the real underground cinema
Le Parisien (Sept. 4, 2004) : Les catacombes abritaient un cinéma clandestin
The Guardian (Sept. 11, 2004) : Paris's new slant on underground movies
Le Monde (Sept. 12, 2004) : La Mexicaine de perforation fait du cinéma sous le Trocadéro
Le Monde 2 (Oct. 16, 2004) : Les visiteurs du noir
Time Out Paris guide 2005 : Hidden Paris - The great escape
Wired magazine (Jan. 20, 2012) : The New French Hacker-Artist Underground

May 1, 2005: The first images ever seen on television of La Mexicaine De Perforation's clandestine cinema: Canal + : la Semaine du Cinéma with the interview of French director Pierre Tchernia whose film Les Gaspards (The Holes) is a classic for La Mexicaine De Perforation.

With Greg, read the interview of La Mexicaine De Perforation
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Urban eXperiment
More than 25 years of urban experiment in Paris.

Pantheon, user's guide.
Film by Lazar Kunstmann.

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