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Ateliers - 12 photographes - 12 sites de la RATP, 2002
Catalogue of the exhbition devoted to the workshops of the RATP.
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Descente interdite, 2011
The most comprehensive history of the graffiti in the Parisian subway.
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Guide de l'architecture moderne à Paris - Guide to modern architecture in Paris, 2001
This bilinguial guide offers us 17 walks in the contemporary architecture in Paris.
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Guimard Perdu - Histoire d'une méprise, 2003
Study of the works by French architect Hector Guimard.
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KAPITAL - Un an de graffiti à Paris, 2000
Photographs of graffitis in Paris in the year 2000.
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Maisons sur l'eau, 2008
Architecture and water.
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Maisons vivantes, 2006
A new way of life by new architectural projects.
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Sanctuaires souterrains - Aux origines de l'Eglise en France, 1994
A survey dedicated to the primitive churches in France.
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Maisons creusées, maisons enterrées - Découvrir, restaurer, réaliser un habitat troglodytique, 1981
Study of troglodytism and usefull guide.
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Système P, 2002
Survey of design and "cell made" objects in French prisons.
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