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Title : Atlas du Paris souterrain - La doublure sombre de la Ville lumière
Authors : Edited by Alain Clément and Gilles Thomas
Publisher : Parigramme
Year : 2001
ISBN : 2840961911
Language : French

Description :
Certainly the best book devoted to the undergrounds of Paris since Emile Gérards's Paris Souterrain.
One can congratulate the authors (well known specialists of Paris's undergrounds) for their will of exhaustiveness and pedagogy.
With a least one map every page and very numerous high quality photographs, you will not miss any side of the underground Paris (quarries, sewers, catacombs, bunkers, water, power, heat, etc. ) and you will understand why Paris is the Mecca for Urban Exploration.
Do not be afraid because of the language : it is a pleasure to glance through this Atlas even if you do not understand French.
This brilliant book has received the Baron Haussmann prize 2001.

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