Bunker - Fortification - Germany


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BND - Standort Pullach, 2006
Comprehensive photographic documentation of the 68-hectare core premises of the BND in Pullach.
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Bunker, 2006
Photographs of bunkers by Guido Guidi.
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Der Westwall, 2003
Comprehensive monograph dedicated to the Westwall.
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Dunkle Welten - Bunker, Tunnel, Gewölbe unter Berlin, 1999
Study dedicated to the undergrounds of Berlin.
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Ein Mann Bunker, 2007
Comprehensive monograph dedicated to the individual air raid protection.
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Geheime Bunkeranlagen der DDR, 2003
Comprehensive study devoted to bunkers of the former GDR.
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Geheimobjekt Atombunker - Die Troposphären-Funkstation Eichenthal, 2006
Study dedicated to the Eichenthal underground radio station.
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Histoire du camp de Dora (Paperback), 2001
Historical survey of the life in the concentration camp of Dora, richly updated.
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Hitlers Berg - Geschichte des Obersalzbergs und seiner geheimen Bunkeranlagen, 2005
Obersalzberg, Hitlers mountain refugium.
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Le camp des armes secrètes Dora - Mittelbau, 1993
Testimony from a former Dora - Mittelbau Concentration Camp prisonner.
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Sirenen und gepackte Koffer - Bunkeralltag in Berlin, 2003
Study dedicated to the bunkers of Berlin.
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Unterwelten - Orte im Verborgenen / Sites of Concealment, 1993
Photographs of German underground sites.
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