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Brothels of Nevada, 2004
Timothy Hursley's photographs of brothels in Nevada.
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Butabu - Adobe Architecture of West Africa, 2003
Photographs and study of the earthen architecture in the Sahal region of West Africa.
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Fagus - Industrial Culture from Werbund to Bauhaus, 2000
History of the Fagus shoe company and its buildings.
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Grain elevators, 1993
Technical study on the architecture of grain elevators.
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Kosmos: a Portrait of the Russian Space Age, 2001
Adam Bartos's astonishing photographic survey of the Soviet space program.
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Manhattan Skyscrapers, 2005
The reference work on the skyline.
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Mies van der Rohe - The Krefeld Villas, 2005
The history of these two villas.
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New York changing - Revisiting Berenice Abbott's New York, 2005
Douglas Levere returned to the original sites, with the identical camera, at the same time of day and year.
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New York's forgotten substations - The power behind the subway, 2002
Photographs and history of the New York's substations.
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Survival City - Adventures among the ruins of atomic America, 2002
At the search of the legacies of the Cold War.
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The Lost Border: The Landscape of the Iron Curtain, 2005
Photographs of the iron Curtain.
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The Mythic City, 2005
Photographs of New York by Samuel H. Gottscho, 1925-1940.
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Waiting for the end of the world, 2004
Richard Ross's photographs of the shelters underground world.
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Waterworks - A Photographic Journey through New York's Hidden Water System, 2003
Duotone photographs of the water system of New York City.
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Wood burners, 1997
Technical study on the architecture of wood burners.
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