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Prison Sainte-Anne, Avignon

The prison Sainte-Anne is an emblematic heritage site for the town of Avignon.
Located behind the Papal Palace and closed on march 26th 2003, this edifice is a rare example of a purpose-built prison dating from the end of the 18th century, rather than representing a reconverted convent, hospital or military barracks.
140 meters long on 60 meters wide, it has a surface of 8400 square meters.
The Collection Lambert, which had to close its doors to the public until the summer of 2015 during the site's extension, decided to take advantage of this imposed closure to pursue a unique, important project combining contemporary art, retrospection and the showcasing of heritage: "The Disappearance of the Fireflies - La disparition des lucioles", a 6 months ambitious project beginning in late May 2014 and housed at the prison Sainte-Anne.
The Collection Lambert occupies the cells, corridors and certain courtyards of the prison, to exhibit works from the prestigious private collection of Enea Righi, leaving the Prison Sainte-Anne unaltered.
Visiting the exhibition, Urban-Resources focused its photographic work on the prison itself: grids, doors, locks and remains of graffitis or posters.

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Photographs by Marc Le Flour - 2014

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