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Title: Bad Voltage: a fantasy in 4/4
Authors: Jonathan Littell
Publisher: Signet
Year: 1989
ISBN : 0451160142
Language : English

Description :
High-tech lowlifes, bio-enhanced delinquents, or doped-out street kids, they've learned to survive in riot-torn future Paris, playing simulated war games in the fall-out shelters beneath the city. Soaring high and fast on gravfield simboots, they head straight into the heart of violence and terror, then out and down to the safety of the tunnels to party until it's time to run again.
But for Lynx, a half-breed orphan of the Race Riots and founder of the Livewires, the allure of the streets loses its addictive power when he meets an Uptown heiress and discovers a life of madness and decadence too frightening to believe. Livewires and Uptowners clash in a cybernetic battle where sadistic revenge reigns, and Lynx struggles to free himself from a world that is slowly claiming his soul.
Very good descriptions of underground sites and characters.
The first novel wrote by a cataphyle.

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