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Architecture solaire - Stratégies - Visions - Concepts, 2005
Comprehensive study on solar architecture.
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Below ground level, 2003
Comprehensive presentation of building under ground.
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Building with Straw, 2005
A practical, hands-on guide to buildng with straw.
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Hans Heinrich Müller : 1879-1951 Berliner Industriebauten , 1992
Monograph devoted to the German architect Hans Heinrich Müller .
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Jean Prouvé - Oeuvre Complète/Complete Works - Volume 3: 1944-1954, 2005
Comprehensive monograph devoted to Jean Prouvé.
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KPF - Vision and Process - Europe 1990-2002, 2003
19 buildings by KPF n Europe.
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Lighting the landscape - Art, Design, Technologies, 2004
The works by Roger Narboni with light and landscape.
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Made of Light - The Art of Light and Architecture, 2005
Study about light on architecture.
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Maison Blanche - Charles-Edouard Jeanneret, Le Corbusier - Histoire et restauration de la villa Jeanneret-Perret 1912-2005, 2007
Magnificent monograph dedicated to Le Corbusier's early masterworks.
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Mindscapes, 2003
Third project of the Dutch photographer Jacqueline Hassink.
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Research and Technology Buildings, 2005
A book on architecture for research and technology.
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Steel and Beyond - New Strategies for Metals in Architecture, 2003
Examination of the vast range of new possibilities in today's building industry.
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Texte zur Landschaft / About Landscape, 2003
Various essays devoted to landscape architecture.
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Urban Landscape Switzerland, 2003
The problems and potential of Switzerland's urban landscape.
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