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Title: Bunker Beleben
Authors: Edited by Bundesanstalt für Immobilienaufgaben
Publisher: Jovis
Year: 2015
ISBN: 9783868593631
Language: German

High-rise bunkers in German inner cities? These relics of the last war play a minimal role these days in the perception of the city, even though nationwide there are still hundreds of these high-rise bunkers, which still represent relevant elements within the city fabric.
This calls for taking a closer look at this architectural resource, also with regard to sustainable urban development. How can innovative usage concepts be thought out that are appropriate for the buildings? This publication, the result of a research project by the Federal Institute for Real Estate Management and the Technical University Dortmund, presents possible strategies and methods, based on already realized or planned conversions, which provide architects, property owners, and investors with a comprehensive toolbox for structural approaches to high-rise bunkers.

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