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Title: Le plus vieux cinéma du monde : Eden Théâtre
Authors: Agathe Rescanières
Publisher: Agathe Rescanières
Year: 2013
ISBN: 9782954544601
Language: English, French

The world's oldest movie theatre reopens Wednesday october 9 after an extensive refurbishment in the southern French city of La Ciotat, where the Lumière brothers screened the very first moving picture of a train arriving at the local station in 1899.
Over the decades, the Eden served as both a cinema and theatre, and several French film stars, including Yves Montand and Fernandel, performed there early in their careers.
But the Eden hit hard times in the 1980s, when the owner was killed by thieves and the theatre stopped luring the crowds. In the years following, it opened for only one week each year to host a festival showcasing early French-language movies.
The Eden Theatre, closed since 1995, has been redone with velvet seats, yellow paint and refurbished oak floors replacing its orginal carpets while mosaic tiles now decorate its facade.
Le Plus vieux cinéma du monde : Eden Théâtre follows the refurbishment of the place throught the eyes of seven photographers.

Available at:
Agathe Rescanières

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