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Title: Fritz Kahn
Authors: Uta von Debschitz, Thilo von Debschitz
Publisher: Taschen
Year: 2013
ISBN: 9783836548403
Language: English, French, German

Fritz Kahn provides a deep insight into the creative work of the popular science author: more than 350 images on 392 pages invite readers to form their own ideas of Fritz Kahn and his multi-faceted oeuvre.
The core of Fritz Kahn is a comprehensive image section with more than 280 illustrations in twenty chapters, following Fritz Kahn’s own systematics. It presents a selection of the most interesting images from Kahn’s complete works and several preserved original illustrations.
To emphasize their expressiveness and hint affinities between the images, the illustrations have been taken out of their context and newly assorted as a kind of portfolio. Detailed captions shed light on the content of the images as well as on Kahn’s ideas and the general mindset of his time.

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