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Title: Hong Kong in Between
Authors: Géraldine Borio, Caroline Wüthrich
Publisher: Park Books
Year: 2015
ISBN: 9783906027777
Language: English, Chinese

Hong Kong in Between illustrates the journey of two European architects discovering alternative public spaces in the dense city of Hong Kong. It reflects their evolvement from observers to active players who engaged Hong Kong's inhabitants to experience urban space differently through the artistic and research project STAG, a stool and a “portable public space”.
The gaps, recesses, narrow back lanes and alleys of Hong Kong, instead of high-rises, have been the two architects’ entry point to understand the city since their arrival in 2010. The conception of the book project is prompted by a deep curiosity they drawn to people’s intimate interactions with these in-between or edge public spaces.
Text, photographs and drawings in the book visualise and translate their observation, imagination as well as participation. In the spaces, they captured flexible stalls and shops that have been running for 40 years or more.

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