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10x10 Japanese Photobooks, 2014
Comprehensive overview of the 10×10 Japanese Photobooks project.
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Abandoned Japan, 2015
Urban explorations by Jordy Meow.
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Ancient Trees - Where the Gods Dwell, 2002
Nearly 150 photographs of trees from the Japanese primeval forests.
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Books on Japan 1931-1972: Japanese Propaganda Books, 2013
Design identity of 100 propaganda magazines published between 1931 to 1972.
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Death Topia, 1998
Brilliant photographs of abandoned locations along Japan.
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Drainspotting - Japanese Manhole Covers, 2010
Photographs of Japanese manhole covers.
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Gunkanjima, 2013
Photographs of Gunkanjima by Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre.
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Haikyo Hyoryu - Ruins, 2001
Catalogue of 180 pefect ruins.
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Hurban-Vortex, 2015
Three series on Japan by French photographer Boris Wilensky.
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Japanese Photobooks of the 1960s and '70s, 2009
Superb overview dedicated to Japanese photobooks of the period.
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Idle Idol - The Japanese mascot, 2010
Photographs of these 3D characters found all over Japan.
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Jin-Roh - The Wolf Brigade, 1998
Amazing film about anti terrosism units in the sewers of Tokyo
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Lime Works, 2002
New edition of this sold out book of photographs devoted to the lime industry along Japan.
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Naoya Hatakeyama, 2002
A retrospective of his work published at the occasion of exhibitions in Europe.
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Night Lights, 2014
Photographs of downtown areas in Tokyo and Osaka by Shintaro Sato.
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Nippon no Haikyo : Vestiges d'un Japon oublié, 2013
Exploring 38 abandoned amazing places in Japan.
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Quilting with manhole covers - A treasure trove of unique designs from the streets of Japan, 1999
A very unusual way of urban exploration.
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Ryuji Miyamoto, 1999
Disused industrial places mostly in Japan..
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Shigeru Ban: Complete works 1985-2015, 2015
Updated monograph dedicated to Japanese architect Shigeru Ban.
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Tokyo, 2015
Architectural survey of Tokyo by Olivier Namias and Nobuhisa Motooka.
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Treasures underfoot - Quilting with manhole covers - Round 2 , 2001
New patterns for this unusual way of Urban Exploration.
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Underground - Cimmerian darkness and stygian gloom, 2000
Photographs in the Tokyo's canals world.
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Zeche Westfahlen I/II Ahlen, 2006
Photographs by Naoya Hatakeyama of the Zeche Westfahlen.
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