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Title: L’Œil de Clairvaux - À travers les murs de la prison
Authors: Marion lachaise
Publisher: Trans Photographic Press
Year: 2015
ISBN: 9791090371323
Language: French

L’Œil de Clairvaux is an artist's book in augmented reality about the infamous Clairvaux prison. She made seven video portraits of inmates at this prison known as a "Maison centrale". It is a high-security prison for men sentenced to very long terms. The portraits are a process of sculpture and video projection. Marion Lachaise calls them "antiportraits".
At Clairvaux, there are two prisons side by side: the "Maison centrale" and the "Grand cloître". The old convent, turned into prison under Napoleon, is empty today. The book is the relationship between the reality of confinement and the history of the prison.
The book opens in the middle as if the reader has entered the prison. After downloading the application (80 Mo: App Store, Google play) customers can scan pages to watch a video, hear a recording or read a text.

Available:  Amazon  CA - UK - FR - DE

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