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10, rue Bleue, 2003
Historical and economical study of a tobacco factory in Marseille.
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Archi troglo, 1984
Historical study of troglodism around the world.
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Du rond-point au giratoire, 2005
An architectural study on roundabouts.
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Go West ! Des architectes au pays de la contre-culture, 2014
The initiatory journey of young French architects in the 70's U.S.A..
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Le béton, histoire d'un matériau, 2005
A comprehensive history of concrete and ferroconcrete.
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Cause and Effect: Visualizing Sustainability, 2012
The new visual language of sustainability.
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Le Corbusier - L'unité d'habitation de Marseille, 2013
Architectural monograph devoted to the Le Corbusier's Inhabitation Unit in Marseille.
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le corbusier, parcours, 2005
Monographies of the major European buildings built by Le Corbusier.
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Le Style International, 2001
New printing of the 1932 "manifesto".
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New York délire - Un manifeste rétroactif pour Manhattan, 2002
French version of this "retroactive manifesto for Manhattan".
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Portraits d'industrie, 2003
Industry in the city of Marseille.
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