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10, rue Bleue, 2003
Historical and economical study of a tobacco factory in Marseille.
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Americans in Kodachrome 1945 - 1965, 2002
Ninety-five exceptional photographs by over ninety unknown American photographers.
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A Morning's Work, 1998
127 masterpieces of early medical photography.
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A Storybook Life, 2003
Disparate photographs made over the course of twenty years by Philip-Lorca diCorcia.
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Boris Mikhailov - A retrospective - Eine Retrospektive, 2003
Retrospective of the photographic work by Boris Mikhailov.
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Die antiken Stätten von morgen, 2003
Black and white photographs of industrial waste lands.
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Erich Lessing, 2003
Monography of the photographic work by Erich Lessing.
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Jin-Roh - The Wolf Brigade, 1998
Amazing film about anti terrosism units in the sewers of Tokyo.
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Nightscapes, 2001
Shots from nine contemporary photographers exclusively taken at night.
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Oliver Boberg, 2003
This book unites for the first time the photographic and video works of Oliver Boberg.
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Portraits d'industrie, 2003
Industry in the city of Marseille.
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The Third Man, 1949
Will Harry Lime escape the sewers of Vienna ?
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