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Agent Orange - "Collateral damage" in Viet Nam, 2003
Terrible photographs of the results of Agent Orange exposure.
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Asmara - Africa's secret modernist city, 2003
A building-by-building survey of the modernist architecture of the capital of Eritrea.
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Brothels of Nevada, 2004
Timothy Hursley's photographs of brothels in Nevada.
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Butabu - Adobe Architecture of West Africa, 2003
Photographs and study of the earthen architecture in the Sahal region of West Africa.
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Dream Factory Communism, 2003
Study of the Soviet mass culture of the Stalin era. Read more

Ghetto, 2003
A journey through 12 modern ghettos.
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Guimard Perdu - Histoire d'une méprise, 2003
Study of the works by French architect Hector Guimard.
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Hommes et ouvrages de la Ligne Maginot - Tome 3, 2003
Study dedicated to the fortifications between the declaration of war and the German attack.
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KPF - Vision and Process - Europe 1990-2002, 2003
19 buildings by KPF n Europe.
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La France industrielle, 2003
Important study on the industrial France between 1890 and 1950.
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La Maison des métallos et le bas Belleville, 2003
Historical study of the Maison des métallos in Paris.
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Les sites V1 en Flandres et en Artois, 2000
Exhaustive study of the V1 sites in North of France.
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Les sorciers de la Bessède, 2003
A fiction-documentary which leads us to the encouter of these wood coal makers.
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Paris Underground Nudes, 2003
Black and white photographs of naked girls in the underground Paris.
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Paris Ouvrier - Des sublimes aux camarades, 2003
Exhaustive study of the "Paris of the working class".
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Photographie et architecture moderne - La collection Alberto Sartoris, 2003
Survey of the exceptional collection of architectural photographs by Alberto Sartoris.
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Telefunken nach 100 Jahren, 2003
Historical survey of this German company.
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Un patrimoine de lumière, 2003
Heritage of leaded glass windows in the close neighborood of Paris.
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Zones of Exclusion - Pripyat and Chernobyl, 2003
Astonishing large scale photographs of the deserted cities of Pripyat and Chernobyl.
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