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Airports - A Century of Architecture, 2004
Celebration of the most important airport designs in the world.
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Arrivals & Deparures: The Airport Pictures of Garry Winogrand, 2004
86 airport photographs by Garry Winogrand.
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Bunkers, 2004
Photographs of Swiss bunkers by Leo Fabrizio.
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Changing Mines in America, 2004
The presence of mines on America's physical and landscape.
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Des maisons sur les sable - Tel Aviv / Dwelling on the dunes - Tel Aviv, 2004
Extensive survey of the modern architecture in Tel Aviv.
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Hautes Surveillances, 2004
Photographs of prisons and yellers.
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Ile Seguin - Des Renault et des Hommes, 2004
Historical survey of the Seguin Island where was established the Renault factory.
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Kosmos: a Portrait of the Russian Space Age, 2001
Adam Bartos's astonishing photographic survey of the Soviet space program.
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Les plans de Paris - Histoire d'une capitale, 2004
The 50 major maps of Paris, from the Middle Age to nowadays.
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Lighting the landscape - Art, Design, Technologies, 2004
The works by Roger Narboni with light and landscape.
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Metro - The story of the underground railway, 2004
Comprehensive insight into the rise of underground travel over the past 150 years.
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Sur les traces des enceintes de Paris, 2004
At the discover of the fortifications of Paris.
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Vingt mille lieux sous les terres - Espaces publics souterrains, 2004
The use of the underground as a public space.
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Waiting for the end of the worl, 2004
Richard Ross's photographs of the shelters underground world.
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Your Lighthouse - Works with Light - 1991-2004, 2004
Catalogue of th exhibition devoted to the works by Olafur Eliasson between 1990 and 2004.
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