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Ahmedabad, 2006
Night photographs of Ahmedabad by Frédéric Delangle.
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Bouchayer & Viallet à Grenoble - Une industrie dans la ville, 2004
History of the Bouchayer and Viallet factory.
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Geheimobjekt Atombunker - Die Troposphären-Funkstation Eichenthal, 2006
Study dedicated to the Eichenthal underground radio station.
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German Defences in Italy in World War II, 2006
Comprehensive study on the different German defensive lines in Italy.
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Le Corbusier - Le dessin comme outil, 2006
The draw as a tool by Le Corbusier.
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Le Corbusier - Un homme à sa fenêtre, 2006
Chosen texts by Le Corbusier.
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State of Denial: Bush at War, part III, 2006
A shocking insider's account of the Bush Administration by Bob Woodward.
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Tchernobyl mon Amour, 2006
The Chantal Montellier's onirical trauma about Chernobyl.
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Viet Cong and NVA Tunnels and Fortifications of the Vietnam war, 2006
Comprehensive study on the underground warfare of the Vietnam war.
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