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13 Million Tons of Pig Iron, 2003
Panoramic photographs of industrial sites in in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.
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Architecture industrielle - Paris & alentours, 2003
Guide to the industrial architecture of Paris and its vicinity.
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Below ground level, 2003
Comprehensive presentation of building under ground.
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Citybank Prize 2003, 2003
The works of the four winners of the Citybank Prize 2003.
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Civil Operations, 2003
Selection of works from different series by Walter Niedermayr.
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Der Westwall - Geschichte und Gegenwart, 2003
Comprehensive monograph dedicated to the Westwall.
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Gotthard via Subalpina, 2002
Photographs of the new 57 kilometers rail tunnel of Saint Gotthard.
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Immemory, 2002
Chris Marker's multimedia memoir.
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La métallurgie du Maine - De l'âge du fer au milieu du XXe siècle, 2003
Historical study on metallurgy in the French departments of Mayenne and Sarthe.
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Le daguerréotype francais, 2003
Catalogue of the exhibition devoted to French Daguerreotypes.
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Le Palais des Colonies, 2002
Architectural and historical synthesis on the Palais des Colonies.
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L'esprit des fortifications - Vauban - Dufour - Les forts de Saint-Maurice, 2003
Comprehensive study on fortification in Swiss.
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Le trou, 2003
DVD zone 2 of this film by Jacques Becker.
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Le ventre du minautore, 2003
An oniric travel in the Parisian Metro.
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Mindscapes, 2003
Third project of the Dutch photographer Jacqueline Hassink.
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New York's forgotten substations - The power behind the subway, 2002
Photographs and history of the New York's substations.
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Paris - La ville du périphérique, 2003
Architectural study of the higway belt which surrounds Paris.
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S.O.S. Bonheur, 2001
The Welfare State watchs over the good fortune of everyone.
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Stankowski - Photos, 2003
180 motifs by Anton Stankowski.
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Steel and Beyond - New Strategies for Metals in Architecture, 2003
Examination of the vast range of new possibilities in today's building industry.
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Texte zur Landschaft / About Landscape, 2003
Various essays devoted to landscape architecture.
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Urban Landscape Switzerland, 2003
The problems and potential of Switzerland's urban landscape.
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Waterworks - A Photographic Journey through New York's Hidden Water System, 2003
Duotone photographs of the water system of New York City.
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Zona - Siberian Prison Camps, 2003
Inside the former Gulag system.
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