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Panthéon, mode d'emploi - L'UX
Pantheon, user's guide - L'UX
Exhibition at the New Museum, New York

Special correspondent in New York

A few months after beeing exhibited at the Istanbul Design Biennial and the seminar at the Long Now Foundation, The French artistic movement l’UX (Urban eXperiment) and its spoke people Lazar Kunstmann are back for a new exhibition in New York until July 7, 2013.
Located at the New Museum, this exhibit is part of Adhocracy, curated by Joseph Grima, a Milan-based architect and editor of Domus Magazine.

The exhibition named "Panthéon, mode d'emploi -  L'UX" is divided in two major parts.
The first one consists in a large panel explaining Urban eXperiment with the different known activities of l'UX, from La Mexicaine De Perforation (clandestine cinema) to the Untergunther (restoration of the Panthéon's clock).
Following this, a screening room where the film "Panthéon, mode d’emploi" ("Pantheon, user's guide") by Lazar Kunstmann is projected with English subtitles will welcome you.
Note that to be comfortable and appreciate the film, you will be seated in wooden club chairs which are the reproduction of those used in the
Panthéon, without however the UGWK sign and the numbers.

The film and the documentation presented here were produced by l'UX itself. Obviously, none governemental agency or bureaucratic administration sponsored this exhibition.

With this exhibition, no doubt that after Adhocracy New York we will have news soon from these secret activists.
Stay tuned!

Text and photos Marc Le Flour for

La Mexicaine De Perforation
The Untergunther
Adhocracy at the New Museum
L'UX at the Istanbul Design Biennial
L'UX at the Long Now Foundation

Global view of the large explicative panel (Photo

Focus on the first part of the panel (Photo

Screening room: the seats and the clock (Photo


Pantheon, user's guide.
Film by Lazar Kunstmann.


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